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Roof Cleaning Precautions and Disclaimer

Roof cleaning We take every reasonable precaution to prevent damage to plants, shrubs, grass and trees. We a team member who’s only job is to thoroughly wet down all plants, including grass, shrubs, and trees in the areas of cleaning. We may tarp certain areas that have delicate plants or items.  We will rinse any […]

Roof Cleaning Facts

  Roof Cleaning Facts-50% of roofs were replaced for appearance, but could have easily been cleaned.-90% of home owners didn’t know Roof Stains CAN be Cleaned.-Roof Stains trap attic heat and increase cooling costs up to 20%.-Roof Mold and Roof Algae spread down the roof, and can contribute to indoor mold and allergy problems. Roof Stain […]

Gutter Cleaning Tips From a Pro

At its best, gutter cleaning is a tedious and disgusting task. At worst, it can be scary and downright dangerous. One slight misstep and you are heading to the hospital with a broken bone and bruised ego,” Ladder Safety: Always let someone know you will be using a ladder to work on your roof or […]