Roof Cleaning Facts


Roof Cleaning Facts-50% of roofs were replaced for appearance, but could have easily been cleaned.-90% of home owners didn’t know Roof Stains CAN be Cleaned.-Roof Stains trap attic heat and increase cooling costs up to 20%.-Roof Mold and Roof Algae spread down the roof, and can contribute to indoor mold and allergy problems.
Roof Stain BlockingAnnual Roof Application keeps your roof clean!-Gentle No-Rinse Application-Prevents Roof Stains and Roof Algae From Coming Back!Protect and Clean your Roof!
Roof Cleaning Process All American Window cleaning will remove the unsightly Roof Algae and ugly shingle stains and restore a sense of pride and curb appeal.WE DO NOT USE PRESSURE WASHING, AS THIS WILL DAMAGE YOUR ROOF! Our Roof Cleaner will use ARMA And RCIA Approved Roof Cleaning!Chemicals used actually kill and eradicates the Roof Algae and roots. These chemicals are water based, non-acid and contain no solvents.